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Services & Capabilities

Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions.
Delivering results.
Marketing & Media Strategy

Sound media strategy is imperative and understanding your brand and your goals are what we focus on.  Our strategists analyze target audiences along with market trends and key competition so we can develop a cost effective and efficient media plan customized to fit your needs.​  And we tend to ask a lot of questions!



Digital & Social Media


  • Adwords / Search words

  • Programmatic / RTB Digital display banners

  • All Social Platforms

  • Retargeting, behavorial, contextual

  • Video, OTT, CTV

  • Mobile

  • Native

  • Digital radio

  • B-2-B

  • B-2-C


Planning and Buying

Media objectives, strategies, geography, psychographic variables, qualitative, market weights, competitors, and seasonality are just some of the examples we take into consideration.  We make sure your message goes to the 'right' audience and minimalize waste.  ROI and efficiency are top level goals.

Promotions and added value - of course!

Stewardship and High Level Management  - you bet!



Multi-Cultural & Niche Expertise
  • ​African American

  • Hispanic

  • Military

  • College



Traditional Media

We are adept at all forms of 'old school' media.

  • Televsion: National broadcast & cable, satellite, local spot

  • Radio: National, local, satellite

  • Magazines: Consumer, B-2-B, regional, local, remnant

  • Newspapers: National, local, trade, remnant

  • Out-of-Home: Billboards, posters, walls, taxi tops, wraps, buses, transit, airport 

Cross Platform

We are media agnostic and recommend the media mix that's appropriate for your needs to acheive your goals.  We take time in developing your plan and work across all platforms for a totally integrated plan

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